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What better time of year to give your product pages a revamp than the season of renewal – spring! If your sales have been in a slump lately, it may be time to dust off that keyboard and upgrade your product descriptions from common to converting.  These are our 3 must haves that will make […]

3 Things You Need On Your Product Pages

Listen… we know that change can be difficult sometimes, but if your website is committing these top four offenders – it’s time for a revamp, babe.  Here’s our list of the 4 signs you’ve gotta consider a website overhaul: Your images are aging you… Obviously your images aren’t aging you… but let us tell you, […]

4 Signs Its Time To Revamp Your Website

SEO can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare. It can drive your Shopify Store into relevancy on Google, or it can rank you lower than your (something funny here). Don’t worry – if you’re concerned that your SEO is less than what it should be, we’ve got a fool-proof method for you […]

5 Places To Focus On Seo For Shopify

Have your website views been plummeting faster than the year 2020? Noticing a giant drop in sales or general inquiries? Maybe your contact form responses sound like crickets? Well, those are all signs it’s time to jazz up your marketing strategy to help increase your website traffic! Here are our 6 simple steps to see […]

6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

First thing is first – Klaviyo is an expert email marketing platform that was created with your online business in mind! It features incredibly powerful email and SMS marketing automation that is cloud based and offers incredible solutions to so many ecommerce headaches that business owners face. Basically, it’s a bomb-af (Too much? I’ve had […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Klaviyo for Business

4 things to do before building a website So you want to build a website… We’re going to tell you that’s a bad idea. BUT. Only until you do these 4 things: Befriend your ideal customer! You really shouldn’t start a website until you know who your ideal customer is! Why? Because you will be […]

4 things to do before building a website

We are so blessed to be living in 2021 where women are considered boss babes and have platforms that can inspire and lift one another up! However, in our digital age, expectations can also feel higher and like there is more to live up to too. That’s why it’s important to empower other women in […]

7 Tips For New Female Entrepreneurs

If you’re building out your first store ever on Shopify, or even just refreshing your current e-commerce business plan… you’ll want to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success! Online stores can be a super competitive market and if you miss out on some critical steps to doing things right, it can really impact your […]

5 Things You Need On Your Shopify Site

Being a studio that focuses on professional and exceptional web-design, we have heard our fair-share of web-designer horror stories from clients that come to us looking to bring their website new life. From unreturned calls to drawn-out timelines… we know that finding a good designer can be tricky when the internet has so many options! […]

4 Questions To Ask Every Website Designer

When shopping around for businesses that can help bring your brand to the next level, it’s important to know that they have the tools in place to ensure the entire process runs smoothly. At Kait Studios, we’ve worked to finesse our business structure so that we can bring our clients quality service. However, we want […]

5 Must-Haves Apps For Our Design Business



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