4 Signs Its Time To Revamp Your Website

4 Signs Its Time To Revamp Your Website

March 15, 2021

Listen… we know that change can be difficult sometimes, but if your website is committing these top four offenders – it’s time for a revamp, babe. 

Here’s our list of the 4 signs you’ve gotta consider a website overhaul:

Your images are aging you…

Obviously your images aren’t aging you… but let us tell you, they’re aging your website and product credibility! If you’re using images more than 3-5 years old, your site may be more embarrassing than a millennial trying to figure out how to do a middle part in their hair. (A little cheeky, but sadly kind of true 😉).

Users and customers love fresh content! They eat it up and it revitalizes their interest in your brand, products and whatever it is you offer! There’s always something exciting about visiting a website that has new images to browse through. Not only do you show you care about your online presence, but you also tell a possible customer that you invest in yourself – that way they can confidently invest in you too. So splurge a little and update those pictures… you won’t regret it. 

Your site loads at tortoise speed…

If you’ve ever visited a website that takes longer than 0.5 seconds to load… you most likely have already clicked off. If you’ve ever visited a site and waited at least 5 seconds… you MUST tell us your secret to having such patience! 

Seriously! Having a website that is a slow loader, or worse, doesn’t load at all… is a TRAGIC sin in the world of web. You are literally losing customers before they even get to pass judgement and they will never get to see how awesome you and your company are. There are plenty of ways to test your website speed. We recommended a great website that can do that for you here (kaitlin I am sure you have one to link that you’ve told me about). Once you do… if your scoring anything under an A-, you definitely need to get up to speed. Literally.

Your branding feels like a 5-year-olds art project…

If you have kids, we’re sorry if this offends you… but if your branding is as all over the place as a 5-year-old drawing a picture of their family with a pet dinosaur and they all live on Mars? You’ve got some branding reevaluation to do! 

It’s not that your images, ideas and overall director is bad… it’s just that you probably love so many different styles, influences and aesthetics that you are having a hard time sticking to a cohesive image online. And although we encourage creativity, a brand that is too creative can get very confusing for your audience very quickly. So if you feel confident you can clean up your brand yourself, we applaud you. But if you need some help, we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

Your sales are flatter than flat-earth theory…

There is nothing more questionable in the world than the flat-earth theory. You know… the one where people have a hard time believing that the earth is actually round? Yeah. So if your sales start looking like an outdated conspiracy theory, it might be time to invest some time and research into finding messaging that will convert those leads for you!

Research your competition! See what works for them and what doesn’t! What companies get the most engagement online, what is driving their sales? You’ve got to do the work to discover what will close those warm (and even cold) leads! It can be a lot of work, but it’s so worth the extra time.

What do you think? Are you experiencing any of these website set backs and will you give our tips a try? 

Leave us a DM on our instagram and let’s talk about some ways that we can help revive your site!

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