6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

March 15, 2021

Have your website views been plummeting faster than the year 2020? Noticing a giant drop in sales or general inquiries? Maybe your contact form responses sound like crickets?

Well, those are all signs it’s time to jazz up your marketing strategy to help increase your website traffic!

Here are our 6 simple steps to see a spike in your website viewers:

  1. SEO Strategy


Search Engine Optimization is often the step that everyone hears about, but not a lot of people know what it actually does. 

Like – Keywords? What even are those?

Well, luckily we have a great post on SEO strategy that can help explain through it a little more thoroughly… But essentially SEO of increasing the quantity and quality of your web traffic through the practice of search engine results (aka your keywords). Key words are whatever you think your ideal customer is searching for, so it’s a good idea to target them in the front-end and meta data of your website – that way there is an easier chance you’ll pull up when someone searched for that one specific thing!

  1. Invest in Instagram

We are never going to deny the power of Instagram over here. Not only is it amazing for being a free marketing tool, especially with the wide reach that reels offer now… It’s also great for paid advertisement too! 

Instagram ads are amazing because you can run super simple and organic content – and it will perform even better than a stylized design! Why? Because people on Instagram are scrolling to relate with YOU, not your over-the-top ad copy! It’s a great way to attract new traffic to your page and website. We promise.

  1. Post to Pinterest

Pinterest is such an interesting platform. It’s not quite Instagram… It’s not quite Tumblr… And it’s not quite your grandmother’s collage photo album… Instead, it’s actually a mix of all three! But it’s an ingenious mix because it’s visual platform helps keep audiences engaged!

Blogging Wizard quotes that “a pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet,” and “each pin can drive up to 2 page visits and 6 pageviews.”

Pinterest is also great because you can set up relevant mood boards to different products or topics. As well as you can content dump and pin a lot and it will only benefit you! Really, the world is your oyster over there.

  1. Found a Facebook Group

Sure it’s great to join a creative facebook group to promote your content, but then you’re competing against hundreds to thousands of other entrepreneurs just like you! Not that competition is a bad thing, but wouldn’t you rather have your own online group that you can use to promote your free and paid for content?

Create a community group online and use it to drive traffic to your website! Encourage engaged conversation. Host free and informational livestreams. And even look into offering a ‘self-promo’ day for other creatives in your group that need help building their business too (because it’s important to give back)! It’s a fun, interactive way to create connections and will work wonders for your biz.

  1. Populate Traffic With Podcast Interviews

Podcast interviews are a wonderful way to introduce a new audience to who you are and what you do! So if you can find someone that would love to hear what you have to say, we highly recommend connecting with them and seeing if they’d interview you.

This is a great time to share free information, tips and advice that are relevant to the audience you are speaking to. Be sure to include clever calls to action and even ask the host if it’s ok if you promote a freebie or other low-value offer at the middle or end of your session to help drive traffic to your site!

  1. Give the Floor to a Guest Blogger

Nothing feels better than sharing the love! If you don’t have time to write for other people’s sites, have them write for you! Guest bloggers are a great way to generate content for your website, but also draw a new audience in from someone else – whilst at the same time of bringing a new audience to their following as well! 

The purpose of guest blogging is for it to be symbiotic. The benefit should be mutual, not exclusive. So just be sure who you partner with has the common goal in mind of helping each other over hindering.

Think you’ll try any of these out? We really hope you do and would love to hear which one worked best for you. And also – if you’d like to be a guest blogger for us, definitely drop us a DM on IG and let’s chat!

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