4 Questions To Ask Every Website Designer

4 Questions To Ask Every Website Designer

February 16, 2021

Being a studio that focuses on professional and exceptional web-design, we have heard our fair-share of web-designer horror stories from clients that come to us looking to bring their website new life. From unreturned calls to drawn-out timelines… we know that finding a good designer can be tricky when the internet has so many options!

Hence, we’ve compiled a list of 4-key questions you should be asking every website designer:

  1. Talk About Timelines

Timelines should never be overlooked when vetting a web designer, as they can make or break your business launch. 

We totally understand that sometimes timelines need to be pushed or maybe adjustments need to be made that take a little longer… but all of that information should be communicated during the process and agreed upon between designer and client. Before hiring a designer, it’s a good idea to ask about their average completion time for projects similar to yours. However, not only should you inquire about their typical timeline, but you should also ask about project snags and pushbacks that they’ve had with similar websites to your end goal. A good designer will be honest with you and give you realistic expectations – not just butter you up to make the sell.

  1. Inquire About What’s Included

A lot of dissatisfaction with web-design clients comes from unfulfilled expectations. That’s why it’s important to ask about what they offer and what you’re actually getting. Do you get the design only? Or do they build out the design and maintain the website on a regular basis for you? These are all considerations that often get swept under the rug when hiring a new designer. Candidly speaking – we have heard of designers trying to get away with bare minimum for premium cost. 

So remember – you’re the paying customer and you deserve to know what you’re getting within their service.

  1. Clarify Contact Methods

Sometimes designers may have a preferred contact method that doesn’t align with your way of connecting. This is super important when choosing someone to work with, as you’ll want to be able to communicate back and forth with your designer in a way that works best for both of you. Ask if they prefer text or email! Check to see if they like old-fashioned phone calls or video chats! Communication is so, so important and you will get more out a designer that works the same way you do – or can at least adapt to your way of collaborating.

  1. Ask About The After

Ever worked with a designer that kind of felt like a one-night stand? Yah – we’ve heard of those. That’s why it’s good to clarify how the ‘after care’ looks like within your client-designer relationship. Are they the kind of designer that updates your website on the regular? Or maybe they teach you the necessities so you can affordably update things yourself. Either way – it’s critical to understand what you can expect after the party project is over. Why? Because there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck and unsupported after someone has your hard-earned coin.

So – will you take our advice and ask your dream web designer these questions? We highly recommend that you do… Or you know, just ask us these questions instead and we can get started on building your dream site today!


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