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Let’s cut to the chase… We often get asked about our favorite apps that can help businesses and brands manage instagram and grow engagement rates. However, the caveat is that most business owners could use help in the management department and their growth engagement strategy! So here’s the skinny on our top suggestions when it […]

4 Favorite Apps For Managing Social Media + Growing Engagement:

Sidebars are like a sidekick. They’re convenient, easy to access, and not as important as your main nav. However, the value from them is powerful and can speed up user interaction by 120%… Ok, maybe not that much – but you get the picture. They are much needed! However… you don’t just want an empty […]

3 Things to Add to Your Blog Sidebar in Shopify

Have you ever visited a website and got an icky feeling because you couldn’t find anything about the owner or the company? Did you question if they’re a scam or possibly super unreliable? Yeah… That’s why it’s super important to have an About Page on your site. Having a dedicated page that tells potential customers […]

5 Things You Need On Your About Page (+ Why!)

Hey – since the big old pandemic happened… have you noticed your work productivity has seriously plummeted? Yeah… we can empathize with you.  That’s why we want to share our favorite tips for ‘Working at Home’ that will drastically make a difference in your workflow and overall mental wellbeing. The moment we started implementing the […]

5 Tips for a Successful Work From Home Day

If business season begins to slow… what’s the first thing you do? Panic? Stress-out? Worry? None of those sound like great options. Why? Because it will cause you to make fear-based business choices in a desperate attempt to increase sales and garner new customers. Thus, driving messy outcomes and sloppy executions that won’t benefit you […]

what to do during a slow season in business

Sick of making resolutions for New Years? Why not make a checklist to upgrade your Shopify store instead! After all, the best way to kick-off the New Year is to make plans to grow and succeed in your business goals! Primp and polish your policies (i.e., privacy, TOS, returns, shipping, etc.) Are your privacy policies […]

4 Favorite Apps For Managing Social Media + Growing Engagement:

Everyone loves a good sale, but they can also spot a shop a mile away that runs on a weekly-sale mentality. However, those constant sales will probably do your company more harm than good, and here’s why: Your company looks desperate for cash There’s nothing worse than being a customer consistently hounded with daily newsletters […]

how to make more money on shopify

Picture this – you’re a busy entrepreneur, and you get back from your first vacation in five years. You sit down at your desk, power up the computer, and open your mail application. Not even two seconds later, and BAM! Your email opened the floodgates to thousands of customer service emails pouring in. Not really […]

shopify new year website checklist

One of the most misunderstood things in the digital space is how often you should be updating and auditing your website. Listen – business gets in the way, I absolutely get that. I do find it essential to go through and audit your website atleast monthly and it doesn’t always have to be as in-depth or terrifying as it […]

How to audit your website

Working from home can be a blessing…but also a curse. To work from home effectively and efficiently (and with your sanity intact at the end of the day), it’s important to lay a good framework. In this post, I’m sharing the top tips I’ve learned in over 20 years of running my multiple businesses. It’s […]



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