4 things to do before building a website

4 Things to Do Before Building a Website

March 15, 2021

4 things to do before building a website

So you want to build a website…

We’re going to tell you that’s a bad idea.


Only until you do these 4 things:

Befriend your ideal customer!

You really shouldn’t start a website until you know who your ideal customer is! Why? Because you will be overwhelmed and make irrational decisions that aren’t based on your dream clientele. Very few of your marketing strategies will land with your desired customer-base until you actually know this ‘person’ inside and out.

You should know if they’re a dog person or if they watch The Bachelor. You should be able to tell me their age range and what kind of car they drive. You should envision what they do on vacation or for work. Basically – you should know them as if they were your own child.

Solve their problems!

If you can’t solve their problems with your website and what it offers, you need to wait to launch a website!

Ask yourself – What is the largest pain-point for my ideal customer… and where do those worries derive from? Once you know that, you can begin to hinge your entire marketing plan, messaging and wording around those topics. It’s almost a slam dunk when you can reverse engineer what they need by addressing their problems first – it’s like you’ll be reading their mind!

Stay two steps ahead!

A key question you should ask yourself before starting that website is “what lies ahead in the future?”

Smart company strategy relies on behind ahead of the curve and anticipating your current and potential client’s needs far in advance! You’ll have a stronger marketing plan when you can predict their future needs since you will be able to answer their questions before they even ask. 

Come up with a list of potential scenarios. Ask your friends or business professionals what they foresee you focusing on. And never stop growing as creative thinker!

Buy that domain name baby!

STOP. Before you build your site, did you even check to see if your domain name is available? This is critical because sometimes your fabulous business name idea can be squashed as soon as you realize the domain is already taken.

If it’s not taken? Go snatch it up! Quick! Domain names are super valuable, so ensure you’re buying the right ones (ideally shoot for .com, and add a .ca to your cart if you’re in Canada). You’ll feel more comfortable moving forward once you’ve secured that name in place, knowing that it’s all yours.

Finished all these steps? Then it’s time to build your website! Drop us a line if you need a little help, or follow our Instagram for some awesome tips that we supply our community of entrepreneurs!

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