3 Things You Need On Your Product Pages

3 Things You Need On Your Product Pages

March 15, 2021

3 Things You Need On Your Product Pages

What better time of year to give your product pages a revamp than the season of renewal – spring! If your sales have been in a slump lately, it may be time to dust off that keyboard and upgrade your product descriptions from common to converting. 

These are our 3 must haves that will make your product page pop!

Seize the Size Chart!

Believe it or not, you can easily lose a slam-dunk sale by having improper or unfinished sizing information. Because if you think about it, with so many options online… why would you buy an item that you’re unsure will fit properly?

The best shops right now are those that have a completed size chart that makes cross-country comparisons, as well as have applications that cross-reference a customer’s favorite store fits to your company’s sizing. ASOS is a great example of this, as certain items allow you to compare their sizes to other companies on the internet. Not only that, but they also include instructions on how to properly measure yourself when deciding your size! 

Here’s an app we found that helps with size comparison that you might want to try.

Reel Them in With Related Products!

If you’re not capitalizing on related product plugins… do you even want to make a sale? Related products are such a great idea to up-sale current products that are in the cart of your customer. Often these related items are products that would go well with the purchases a potential customer is about to make.

Say you bought a pair of chunky 90s sneakers – well a great related product might be a bucket hat or sport inspired socks. These can be auto sorted in the back end by adding proper tags to your products that allow your plug-ins to automatically recommend cool and relevant products on each item that a customer is browsing through! Highly advise you add this feature asap. 

Go High-Quality!

Listen – there is no excuse anymore for skipping out on adding high-quality content to your product pages. If you have an iPhone 7 or above… you should definitely be able to take good pictures of what you’re selling and use those images for marketing material! If your images look like they’re taken off of Grandma’s kodak (unless that’s your style), it’s time to invest in a good camera or a proper professional. No one wants to from a company that promises high-quality items but cannot provide high-quality content – it’s hard to trust you at that point!

Not only that, make sure your content speaks to your audience! Imagery is possibly the most powerful marketing tool we have. And if you’re not taking advantage of vibrant and intentional visuals… you really need to reconsider your strategies. 

BONUS TIP – Beef up your reviews!

One of the best and most effective marketing tools to have on your product page is a product review section! People almost automatically trust products with reviews over products that literally have crickets in the audience. Why? Because if you have authentic comments on the awesome quality of your items – why wouldn’t someone feel confident to make that investment! 

The best part is that Shopify’s product review app is totally free, so you literally have no excuse to not use it!

What do you think? Ready to add some spice to those product pages? Give us a holler if you need some help – otherwise, we have total faith in you!

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