5 Things You Need On Your Shopify Site

5 Things You Need On Your Shopify Site

February 16, 2021

If you’re building out your first store ever on Shopify, or even just refreshing your current e-commerce business plan… you’ll want to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success! Online stores can be a super competitive market and if you miss out on some critical steps to doing things right, it can really impact your sales, business and brand. 

That’s why we’ve collected a list of ‘5 Things You Need on Your Shopify Site’ for you. We can almost (key word almost) promise you that if you follow these, you’ll see better results! So here we go…

  1. Clear Up Your Product Descriptions

There is literally nothing worse to a potential customer than having zero-clue about what they’re buying. We’ve seen everything from word-vomit product descriptions to a blank space – and neither is going to guarantee you a sale! A good product description includes (1) A catchy header description, (2) The necessary information clients need to make an informed purchase, (3) Size, fit or dimensional information. You also get a bonus point for including shipping/return policies and review tabs. 

If you want a good example of great product description – check out Aritzia and browse through their online products and pay careful attention to how they use their descriptions wisely.

  1. Clean That Menu Out

No – we’re not saying to order everything at your local restaurant and clear out their entire food inventory. We’re telling you to get rid of the clutter and useless information that your current navigation menu is probably hoarding.

If you have a good analytic tracker on your website, you should be able to see the links and routes people visit most… and obviously you will want to get rid of the information sitting in your menu that apparently no one cares about or is clicking on! 

Decluttering your menu can help save customers time and make their decision process easier. So don’t overlook this when updating your shopify site.

  1. Upgrade Your Terms and Policies

If there’s one thing that can get you in trouble when running a business – it’s not updating your terms and conditions. The moment you make changes to any policy or operation of your business, you should be updating that terms and policy page. Customers will reply on this if they are dissatisfied or disgruntled, and it will be your responsibility to honor your old conditions if you didn’t update your website. Soo have a gander and make sure that everything is squeaky clean and in-line with your current business operation guidelines. 

  1. Invest in Imagery

Nothing makes us want to click off a website faster than low-resolution photos or generic stock photography. Not to say that stock-photography is bad, but it goes without saying that when you see the same picture on the 15 different websites… you may question the quality of the product/business you’re buying into. That’s why we recommend getting some kick-butt photos that express the story of your business in a unique and creative way! Sure it’s a little more pricey… but at least whatever imagery you create will feel authentic to you and your brand!

  1. Verbalize Your Values

With so many businesses moving to online markets due to the pandemic, and so many societal issues coming to a head… It is critical that customers are aware of your values and mission as a business. People are highly sensitive to who they are buying from now and including information about your commitment to specific humanitarian causes or social views can make or break business loyalty.

That’s why you should never skip out on the opportunity to craft an about page on your website. An about page is your key to cultivating genuine connection with potential audiences and formulating an online tribe. Trust us – you need it.

Did you find any of these tips helpful? Hit us up on social if you have any questions or feedback on applying these advice pieces to your Shopify site!

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