4 Reasons Why You Should Use Klaviyo for Business

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Klaviyo for Business

March 15, 2021

First thing is first – Klaviyo is an expert email marketing platform that was created with your online business in mind! It features incredibly powerful email and SMS marketing automation that is cloud based and offers incredible solutions to so many ecommerce headaches that business owners face.

Basically, it’s a bomb-af (Too much? I’ve had a glass of red…) CRM that offers you seamless access to all the data points you need to grow your biz. Plus – it’s email creation is beautiful and can help you target and dial in on what your customers TRULY want.

So why use it? Here’s our 4 reasons why you should use Klaviyo for business:

Replace Shopify’s Standard Email Confirmation

Klaviyo allows business owners to send more personal and terrifically targeted communications in lickity split! It can also store and collect all relevant information from your customers that give you the chance to create memorable experiences and stronger relationships – leading to larger sales!

So instead of sending your generic confirmation email that does nothing to entice your customer with the next best product, a rad discount, or personal connection… Klaviyo gives you the opportunity to do so much more upon each interaction with a customer that will help create a lasting impression.

Encourage Product Reviews

The best way to increase trust scores with your customers is to get some raving reviews going about your products – and Klaviyo can help with that! Create super enticing and engaged emails that provide incentive for your customers to write some stellar testimonials on their favorite buys.

You can add prompts for testimonials, like example reviews from past customers, that can help influence your audience to write similar comments. You can offer discounts for writing their first review on your website. And you can even try A-B split testing to see what works best to get the reviews rolling in! The options are truly endless with Klaviyo.

Automate Discounts for New Subscribers

Discounts, by far, are one of the best ways to:

  1. Collect new email subscribers
  2. Incentivize a check-out on their first web visit

But the power that Klaviyo has can do so much more than offering your basic 10% off…

Klaviyo allows business owners and marketers to analyze the behavioral data of their customers and trigger messages to send out based on their interactions with your website, campaigns, or purchase flow. This gives you the ability to personalize discounts (ie. like birthday offers), give greater incentives dependent on their decisions (ie. if they abandon cart 2x, offer a larger deal), and even automate follow ups that work with the customer’s shopping habits!

It’s pretty ingenious if you ask us.

Send Those Standard Newsletters

And lastly, this one speaks for itself. Klaviyo lets you send impactful, on-brand emails that will knock the socks off your competition!

Their newsletter tools are so powerful that they even let you use segmentation to craft tailored groups of specific customer types that you can engage with in an extremely personalized way. No more ‘batch and blast’ emails as Klaviyo says! You can create more authentic customer relationships that will lead to stronger brand loyalty and sales this way. It’s perfect for businesses that want to really add a personal touch.

Honestly – there is so much more we can say about Klaviyo, but you might want to take a gander yourself… Definitely view their website if this blog post enticed you! 

We can’t believe the versatility of their tools and creativity it offers. So we just had to share and we hope you enjoyed!

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