5 Things You Need On Your About Page (+ Why!)

5 Things You Need On Your About Page (+ Why!)

January 27, 2021

5 Things You Need On Your About Page (+ Why!)

Have you ever visited a website and got an icky feeling because you couldn’t find anything about the owner or the company? Did you question if they’re a scam or possibly super unreliable?

Yeah… That’s why it’s super important to have an About Page on your site. Having a dedicated page that tells potential customers about who you are and your company story can save you from looking spammy and provide so many other benefits that could increase your sales.

Intrigued yet? If so, here is our 5-step guide to crafting the perfect ‘About Page’ content and why you need these on your site:

  1. (Humble) Brag About Yourself

Some people love talking about themselves, others hate it, but you have to do it either way!

Potential buyers and clients like knowing who they are aligning with and buying from. Whether you’re the sole owner or a partner in the company, it’s important to share a little about yourself. Even a small blurb will help build rapport with those who visit your website and help acquire loyal customers that are your target demographic.

Start with listing relevant experience, your related passions, and a fun fact that makes you relatable! It should be short, sweet, and engaging. You don’t need to give your life story, but a few golden nuggets of information can go a long way! BONUS POINTS for including photos!

  1. Highlight Your Team

If you’ve got an awesome team working with you, now is your chance to give them the spotlight! 

It can help you foster extraordinary company culture by featuring your team members’ photos (and possibly a tiny bio). Not only will it encourage your team to perform to the best of their ability with their name attached to your site, but it may also motivate them to do well since they’re given the recognition they deserve. Furthermore, from a consumer advantage point – highlighting your team will allow them to feel more confident in the work you provide and create an impression that your company runs like a well-oiled machine!

  1. Baby got Back(story)

Believe it or not, company backstory can make or break the kind of relationship you develop with your clients. People love to feel that they’re a part of something, and having a backstory about your company will increase the chance they feel like they’re family to your brand. 

Writing about how your company started is a great way to introduce consumers to why they should invest in your products or services. Give them a reason to believe in you, allow them to understand why you started the company, the struggles you went through, and the achievements you’ve made! Storytelling holds power and can influence the level of dedication clients will have with your company – especially if they relate!

  1. Breakdown the Company Values and Mission

Like backstories, displaying your company values and mission statement will give consumers an inside view of how your company operates. Except for this time, they’ll be able to dive deeper into why they should stick to your brand.

It’s almost like your bio is an introduction, the backstory is the invitation, and your values/mission statement is the final decision-maker. You’ve invited them in, and now you want to show them why you’re the brand that will remain just as loyal to them as they’ll be faithful to you. So take time to think about this section – don’t rush it. When crafting this content, a good rule of thumb is asking yourself if you’d trust and buy from a company founded upon these principles… If you would, you’re on the right track.

  1. Capture them with a CTA

Last but not least – hook, line, and sink ‘er with a call-to-action! Once you’ve given a customer enough information about why they should believe in your company and buy from you, you’ve got to capture that lead with an actionable item that will encourage a sale.

Perhaps your CTA is a ‘contact me’ button at the end of the page or a ‘free consult’ feature. Or maybe you link to your favorite shop items that you know new customers would love to try. Whatever it is – make sure it’s worthwhile for the consumer to spend more time on your site and make it easy to access.

And that’s it! You’ve just learned our fool-proof recipe for a stellar ‘About Page.’ However, if you still need some examples – why not visit ours? We hope it can provide some inspiration… and who knows, if you’re in the market for some web-design, you might just feel we’re a perfect match for each other.

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