4 Favorite Apps For Managing Social Media + Growing Engagement:

4 Favorite Apps For Managing Instagram + Growing Engagement

January 27, 2021

4 Favorite Apps For Managing Social Media + Growing Engagement:

Let’s cut to the chase… We often get asked about our favorite apps that can help businesses and brands manage instagram and grow engagement rates. However, the caveat is that most business owners could use help in the management department and their growth engagement strategy!

So here’s the skinny on our top suggestions when it comes to manage instagram and growing engagement rates:

  1. Find Relevant Hashtags With Flick.Tech

Flick is an all-in-one hashtag research tool that can help you find powerful and relevant hashtags in a matter of minutes. Their searches include (1) Checking for banned hashtags that could shadowban your post/account; (2) Looking up to 40 suggestions for every search; (3) The ability to use filtered searches with key hashtag metrics; (4) And can work in over 20+ languages. You can also organize, categorize, and access your hashtags in a super-sleek manner. Thus, Flick can help speed up your workflow and save you hours of manual research within the native IG application.

FlickFlick has been revolutionary for our clients and us – and everyone knows, a robust hashtag set can help increase your engagement when used correctly. 

  1. Dig Into What’s Popular with Answerthepublic.com

Just like their website says, Answer The Public is there to help you discover a ‘goldmine of untapped content ideas.’

Answer The Public offers raw search insights that will help you meet your customers where they are and monitor the current, talked-about trends. It’s a great website to visit when you want to cut down on idea-brainstorming time or when you’ve hit a creative block. We love using it for blog posts, but it’s also beneficial when planning your social media content strategy or even upcoming product launches!

  1. Engage Authentically Using Dollar Eighty

Dollar Eighty is one of our favorite Chrome extensions that help business owners grow their Instagram while having fun!

The Dollar Eighty rule has been coined by social-marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk. He promised that you should leave your 2 cents (opinion) on 9 posts for 10 different hashtags…

I.e. 0.02(cents) x 9(posts) x 10(hashtags) = $1.80

This strategy helps you leave meaningful and useful comments on 90 posts each day, increasing your profile awareness and engagement within the online community! And the best part is, the Dollar Eighty extension finds the best posts for you to comment on each day and keeps track of the work you’ve done – so you never lose your place.

  1. Plan With Planoly

Need the perfect application for planning the ideal feed and analyzing your post analytics? Look no further than Planoly. Planoly is a clean, aesthetically pleasing app that we use to schedule our content and our client’s content every Sunday! But you can choose any day that works for you to arrange your posts throughout your social platforms.

The best part about Planoly is that you can post cross platforms for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Make drafts, create automated schedules, and even plan out your post’s first comment (perfect for hashtags) once it publishes 😉. Seriously, if you need an excellent scheduler app – you need to give this one a try.

So, are you buzzing to try these out yet? Because we know you’ll love them! And as an added bonus? I encourage you to say hi to me on Instagram! We always have fun, engaging stories and posts going on that will help answer your marketing questions – and you’re always welcome to ask any yourself!

PS: If you’re looking to work with us in 2021, fill out our contact form.

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