3 Things to Add to Your Blog Sidebar in Shopify

3 Things to Add to Your Blog Sidebar in Shopify

January 27, 2021

3 Things to Add to Your Blog Sidebar in Shopify

Sidebars are like a sidekick. They’re convenient, easy to access, and not as important as your main nav. However, the value from them is powerful and can speed up user interaction by 120%… Ok, maybe not that much – but you get the picture. They are much needed!

However… you don’t just want an empty sidebar. You want one packed with useful tools that increase usability and shopping experience. So what are the 3 most important things you should look at adding to your Shopify Sidebar, you may ask?

Well, here they are:

  1. Link to the GOOD STUFF

Let’s be honest here… no one cares about your favorite product on your site if it’s not selling! However, they will care about what’s hot and popular in your shop. 

Adding a ‘What’s Trending’ or ‘What’s Popular’ widget to your sidebar can significantly increase the sales you see on your site. By directing customers to items that are in-demand and seen as ‘must-haves’, they psychologically will be intrigued. They may experience a little FOMO (fear of missing out). Plus, it’s also a great way to keep products relevant to today’s online climate in a featured position on your site!  

Or – better yet… feature a recent launch! If your brand-new products aren’t in an eye-catching position on your webpage, they’ll be fighting for attention with your current top-sellers. Hence, adding your newest products to a sidebar widget is a great idea to promote sales and increase awareness of new items. And if you’re feeling really adventurous?

Include both popular and new collections on your sidebar!

  1. Share the GOOD NEWS

Extra, extra read all about it! 

You seriously can never go wrong by featuring your newsletters on your Shopify sidebar. Not only will it be an engaging and tempting feature for new customers to click on – but it’s also a great way to secure leads with new promotions and deals that will interest them to shop at your store!

I highly recommend drafting up an enticing newsletter subscription widget for your sidebar. The moment that new people sign up, you now have new customers to market to and share all your fun creations with! So take the time to craft some good sales pitches for your new subscribers and wait for the sign-ups to roll in.

  1. Showcase a GOOD BIO

Biographies are super beneficial to add to a sidebar because:

  1. They help you rank with SEO terms
  2. They quickie tell your audience what you’re about

A good sidebar bio should include an elevator pitch that describes your company and the products they sell. For example, if you sell modern home decor a good biography might sound like this…

“From the coffee mugs displayed in the cabinet, to the shelves that host fond family memories – Modern Home Decor Store is all about providing you with the comforts that are real, functional, and allow you to be yourself. We supply items like bedding to bathroom accessories to amplify your style and help you upgrade your home on any budget necessary.

So if you’re in the mood to shop? You’ve landed in the right place.”

So, what do you think? Have we sold you on the sidebar yet?

If you’re still on the fence, why not contact us to inquire about our top-performing design ideas and how we can help you upgrade your Shopify site. We love talking shop and can’t wait to connect!


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