what to do during a slow season in business

5 Things to Do In A Slow Season

January 10, 2021

what to do during a slow season in business

If business season begins to slow… what’s the first thing you do? Panic? Stress-out? Worry?

None of those sound like great options. Why? Because it will cause you to make fear-based business choices in a desperate attempt to increase sales and garner new customers. Thus, driving messy outcomes and sloppy executions that won’t benefit you or your business. 

Instead – here are 5 Things to Focus on During a Slow Season:

  1. Organize that ‘ish in every-single-way

It’s ghost-busters time. And by that, I mean… time to address all the hidden bad habits that might be hiding in your business life, personal life, and everything in-between. Your business will only run as smoothly as your personal life does. And when both feel out of control, it’s time to get organized. 

Maybe this means scheduling more social time for yourself this year, or perhaps it means working out 2x weekly to help your motivation. Whatever it is, plan it all out and stick to a schedule. It will feel 10x better when you know what’s coming and what to expect daily.

  1. Assess the good, the bad, and the ugly

What has been working for you? What hasn’t been working for you? Take all the moments – the good, the messy, the ‘wtfudge’ times, and begin to evaluate what you want to take into your next busy season.

For example, calls every day do not work for me. However, scheduling calls once a week does! I get more done, and my productivity shoots through the roof! Finding those sweet spots within your business will ultimately help you cultivate a more organized structure (no matter how scary the first change you make may seem).

  1. Evaluate your money

Do you notice that after a few months, your pocketbook gets messy? Well, a slow season is a perfect time to organize anything that might be out-of-order. Get paid up on all your bills, send out any remaining invoices and start getting all your financials arranged to the pristine! Believe us, you’ll feel in tip-top shape once all your dollars are squared away.

  1. Work on your workflow

Similar to point two, once you’ve established what works and what does not – figure out a new workflow that will benefit and carry you through 2021. All of your projects deserve to have easy-to-follow instructions that you can duplicate the success methods again and again. If you work best by brainstorming the details first (rather than the overall picture), do that every time! As they say – you can’t fix what isn’t broken, so don’t break it in the first place!

  1. Spice up your socials

Often times, when our business is booming, our social media outlets get shafted and look like a barren wasteland. So now is a perfect time to drum up some excitement and get creative with your social strategy. Look up the latest trends, figure out the most engaging content in your business genre, and replicate those golden-ticket posts with a twist that’s unique to you! Have fun with this and let it spark some inspiration for you.

How do these suggestions sound? Do they put your mind at ease a little and give you some hope? Make the best of your slow seasons with the above tips, and we promise that business will be booming as usual in no-time.

Speaking of business and booming – did you see we’re accepting new clients? Drop a hello in our contact box and let us know if your biz requires an update. We can’t wait to speak with you!

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