Where You Should Focus for Shopify SEO in 2021

Where You Should Focus for Shopify SEO in 2021

March 29, 2021

Where You Should Focus for Shopify SEO in 2021

2021 has become the year of a virtual business boom. So why are so many business owners struggling to get noticed and get those sales? Well… We’d like to take a small guess and say that you’re probably not optimizing your Shopify SEO in an efficient way. Hence, if you’re not focusing on these 4 strategies… you may want to shift gears and get in the game.  Let’s dive into four Shopify SEO tips!

  1. Don’t Skip Out on Product Descriptions

Do you know how much business you are missing out on when you skip out on product descriptions? Hint – IT IS A LOT. The moment you get lazy or scared to brag about every single product in their description section is the moment you lose a sale. 

That description box is a key place where valuable information can be picked up by search engines and presented to potential customers! So fill those babies full and include every piece of relevant info that will let customers know about your product and why they should buy.

  1. Get Accurate With Your Collections

A lot of Shopify owners we work with often skip out on writing descriptions for their collections and adding tags on the back end that will help their products get discovered. Why? We’ll never understand. But let us just say – it’s critical. 

Make sure all your shopify collections are jam-packed with your keywords, descriptive information, and anything you think that search engines will pick up on. This will really amplify your web-traffic and help more products get scene at a faster rate. 

  1. Install those Google Analytics

If you do not have Google Analytics installed in the backend of your website, you need to do it… RIGHT NOW. Seriously, Google Analytics is the only way to drive those search engine spiders to crawl your website on a consistent basis. And everyone knows… you need those spiders hanging around so they can systematically index your website’s content into the search engines, so people can actually find your business.

Think of it this way. Google Analytics are your milkshakes. And the spiders are the boys. You want to bring the boys to the yard, hence you’ll want to make your site better so they come to yours. Or we could teach you, but we’d have to charge. *ha!*

  1. Find a Good Pinterest Manager (Hint: We Have One!)

Lastly, ensure your website is garnering traffic from reliable and external resources – like Pinterest! 

Seriously, Pinterest is a heaven-sent tool for all business owners if they take advantage of it properly. That’s why we’d recommend finding a Pinterest manager. This is someone who helps biz owners promote their content/products/services through the use of snazzy and engaging Pinterest content on their Pinterest platform! Pinterest managers are skilled in getting results, hence why it might be beneficial to consider one for hire… In fact if you’re looking for one? Our gal Brittany is a WIZ at this stuff and would be happy to help! Reach out and we’ll connect the two of you.

Truthfully, we know these four tips will really help upgrade your business in ways you never would have predicted. Thus, we encourage you to go forth and try them! Because if you don’t, someone else will (trust us!)

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