5 Mistakes Ecommerce Businesses Make

March 29, 2021

5 Mistakes Ecommerce Businesses Make

It’s super easy to get overzealous when starting a new Ecommerce store. We understand you’re passionate about your products, which is amazing…but, we also don’t want to see important information and materials slip through the cracks of that excitement So before you start, check out our list before for the 5 things you need to avoid before starting your ecommerce site:

Not using Original Images

Even if your vendor’s images are seamless and totally your aesthetic – you still should be taking your own and personalizing your products/services. (Especially if it’s a generic picture on a white background.)

Now is your time to get creative and find fun ways to capture your audience! Think about what would make you want to buy a product and try to emulate that! Then snap some picks or hire a professional photographer to do the job for you (in fact, we recommend that over a DIY job).

Not Writing Engaging Descriptions

If your sales are flopping, it may be because you aren’t writing descriptions that connect to your target audience. 

9 time out of 10 we find that product descriptions can make or break a sale. Sure the product might look cute, but what’s it’s ‘voice’? What are the details? What’s the fabric or material? Did you expand on sizing description? Ensure you cover all your bases before releasing a new line or service. You want to capture that sale with excitement, and avoid having your customers feel confused and lackluster about what you offer. 

Dropping the Ball on Customer Experience

Customer service and the customer experience can complete make or break not only your sales, but your entire brand reputation. It only takes one bad experience for a client or customer to never return again. Don’t let that happen to your business.

Key mistakes ecommerce owners make is not having a visible email, chat support options, or a contact form. In addition – some clients can be turned off if you don’t link your social media channels for easier connection. So it’s always a good idea to keep all lines of communication open so you never run into these issues. Oh! And if you can have a good return portal, we highly recommend that too. 

Avoiding a Good About Bio

How does someone know they’ll want to invest in you and your offers if they can’t even connect to who you are or what your company is about! We personally feel it’s criminal when business owners skip out on the about page simply because they don’t know what to say or feel awkward hyping up themselves and their business!

Our advice? Don’t! 

Use that space. Take hold of your words. And relish in the fact you get to have bragging rights for once in your life! If you don’t take the time to hype yourself help, someone else will come and swipe the opportunity from you. So, give your audience a reason to connect with you and stick around – trust us. It works.

Being Vague on Policies and Practices

Nothing feels slimier than shopping on a website where you cannot find their policies or answers to general questions. You seriously do not know if you can trust a page without transparency. So we highly encourage you to invest some time into creating a well laid out policy page, FAQ directory, shipping and returns guide, and even a disclaimer page. 

Your customers will see that you’re an open book when it comes to business policies and automatically feel more inclined to trust that their purchase will arrive and “not be stuck in the mail” for 6 months down the road.

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