Where to Invest First in Your Business

Where to Invest First in Your Business

August 10, 2020

Where to Invest First in Your Business

When it comes to starting, it can be incredibly overwhelming understanding where it’s most important to invest first in your business. Once you start mingling in the online business circles, you’ll hear a plethora of different perspectives with everything from courses to branding and so much more.

Here’s a hint: it isn’t in cute office decor!

Listen – I spent the first few years of my business with ZERO assistants, ZERO office space, and a ton of clients. It took me a while to:

A: feel confident enough in investing in others
B: be okay with delegating + outsourcing projects

It’s scary to invest in something for your business without any guarantee it’ll work out or make you money – but that’s where researching becomes so important. Working with a designer, business coach, etc who has legitimate experience in YOUR industry or expertise is where you can let go of the worries + gain reassurance that your business is in good hands.

Here’s what I suggest:

If you’ve made $0: Get a website template + invest your moolah into your product.

If you’ve spent a year in your business gaining traction & you finally know who your audience is: invest in a fully badass website that really speaks to your them.

If you’ve been in business 1 year or more, understand your audience, and you can’t keep up with how busy you are: invest your $$$ in hiring + delegating so you can continue to grow.

When you know your audience and trust your product: invest in a facebook & instagram ads strategist who can implement the CORRECT methods to make you even more money.

Because here’s the thing…you don’t have to do it all on day one. A lot of business owners get so wrapped up in the scary side of business they don’t even begin. And listen, if you keep diving into things you don’t need, you’ll end up wasting more than you’re learning – which isn’t the point in investing.

PS: If you’re on the day 1 boat and you aren’t prepared to invest in a full website, we actually see gorgeous Showit templates. Click here to learn more!

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