Our 5 Favorite Unsplash Accounts

November 30, 2019

Our 5 Favorite Unsplash Accounts

We’re pretty positive the NUMBER ONE most frustrating part of owning a business for so many is the photography part. We get it – if you haven’t met a photographer you love or you don’t have the money prepared to sign on with someone talented, it can be a difficult side to struggle with. Today, we’re sharing our 5 favorite Unsplash accounts.

We’ve really fallen in love with stock photography over the years when we don’t have time to capture moments for every piece of content we need. The truth is – you won’t always need a full on photoshoot and, although we DEFINITELY prefer personal images, we know there are times it just won’t happen.

And that is where STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY comes into play!

So what is stock photography anyways? Glad you asked! Stock photos are free-to-use images from photographers all around the world. While we have several sites we recommend, it’s important to pay attention to the fine print.

There are a few things to note when looking into the fine print, so let us share those with ya real quick to avoid any copyright infringement in the future ($$$!)


1: Are these images free to use for commercial purposes? Commercial purposes could mean anything from facebook ads to billboards and even mass-production pieces. You can be sued for quite a bit of money if you use them without permission.

2: Do these images require contribution? Meaning, do you have to say “this image is by X”? At times, stock websites can grab images that aren’t entirely theirs to use and if you aren’t paying attention, you’ll be held liable. Check the fine print on the website!

It’s VERY important to pay attention to the fine print. When it boils down to those two items listed above and quality content – we love both Stocksy and Unsplash. However, Stocksy charges per image ($15+ per image) and Unsplash is entirely free. We’ve found Unsplash to be the BEST free stock photography around.

Our 5 Favorite Unsplash Accounts

Here are a few of our favorite Unsplash Photographers:

Christina @ wocintechchat.com is PERFECT for Women of Color. You may (or may not) be surprised but its actually incredibly difficult to find images with women and men of color so we always bookmark them when we find them.
Austin Distel is the perfect mix of masculine & feminine with both bright & more muted colors. His images are fun & vibrant!
Brooke Cagle is probably one of our favorites. With her warm editing and mixture of male, female, and multiple ethnicities – she’s a winner, winner!
When it comes to ocean photography, fun cityscapes, and killer coffee shots – Nathan Dumlao is the BEST.
Brandless is the perfect photography company if you’d like to use images of bottles & other beauty products without a brand name on them. You’d be able to photoshop your logo directly on the bottles!
We’d love to hear who your favorites are! Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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