4 Last Minute Ways to Prep Your Website for Cyber Monday

November 30, 2019

4 last minute ways to prep your website for cyber monday

Cyber Monday is just 2 days away and we know you’ve got a LOT on your plate. It’s pretty safe to say you’ve probably had a checklist a mile long for the last month to prep your website for Cyber Monday but there may be a few things you’ve missed on your site and we want to ensure you’re ready to go! We rounded up 4 last minute ways to prep your website for Cyber Monday sales.

These things take just 5 minutes to double check, so let’s get at it to make sure you have the best Cyber Monday YET.

1: Remove those mobile popups. We get it, it seems nice to get a few extra emails on Cyber Monday but you can utilize other spaces for that. When you have multiple popups on any website, it can completely halt anyone from shopping. And, usually just one popup on mobile can halt their experience as well.

Let’s set an example to shed some light: popups are typically opened with something we call Javascript. If that Javascript is incorrect or interfered with by a new app you added for Cyber Monday, customers may not even be able to close the popup and won’t be able to shop. It’s worth noting it happens!

While it may seem important to push the popup, you can add promo codes to an announcement bar, a slideshow, the checkout area, and so many more. If you must, please stick to one at a time.

2: Clean up your navigation. Make sure your menu is easy to use & your website has quick calls to action that can help people find what they need. Remove info pages like “About Us” & “FAQ” from your main menu to make space for the other collections you’ll be focusing on. You can always put them in the footer for the time-being and put them back in the main navigation after your sale is finished.

3: Add an Exit-Intent app to keep customers from leaving! We love using the app by Optimonk for Shopify to keep customers shopping longer.

4: Ensure customer service is easy to use & makes sense for your customers. Install a chat app like Pure Chat (we love Pure Chat!) that allows you to quickly communicate with customers or grab their email for a quick response otherwise. It’s available for ALL platforms! If you have a staff, they can each have allocated time slots to respond to questions straight from the desktop….HOWEVER, it’s worth noting that our favorite part of Pure Chat is the option to install the PC app to your cell phone or ipad and respond like a text message. So, if its just you who can manage customer service – you can do so straight from your phone while you spend your time with family this weekend or Christmas shopping for your friends.

If you install Pure Chat and need an away message, add your discount code there. Something like “We’re currently away. You can leave your email here and we can get back to you. Keep in mind we’re offering 15% off using code HOLIDAY!” Take advantage of that real estate.

So how are you planning on shopping this Cyber Monday? Or are you the one who’s offering the sales? We’d love to hear!

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