How to Create a Shopify Mega Menu

How to Create a Free Shopify Mega Menu

How to Create a Shopify Mega Menu

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Hey friends,

I can’t believe this month is already over. I literally blinked and the entire year has expired (but really – that’s a good thing for 2020!)

I wanted to talk to you about menus today – specifically for Shopify. We get a lot of requests for multi-level (or mega menu) dropdown menus and, although we do create these custom, we’ve found a lot of apps to be incredibly effective for Shopify users who aren’t prepared to invest in custom development (or don’t need to!)

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of shops with these gorgeous menus that seem to drop down for days…with imagery and an organizational level only Marie Kondo could dream of – am I right? But, I bet you didn’t know it’s actually super easy to install and FREE. That’s right – adding a beautiful menu to your store isn’t actually as far-fetched as it seems.

Watch below and see how I install a mega menu in under 10 minutes!

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