How to get more customers on social media

How to Grow Your Sales Using Attraction Marketing

March 28, 2019

In the world of owning a business, you’re told to continuously share your products over and over and over to the point that it’s obnoxious. You’re taught to learn how to sell more online. Today, I’m going to tell you to STOP DOING THAT.

WHAT?! Why would I…someone who works directly with hundreds of business owners around the word…tell you to stop showcasing your products and services?

Well, let’s halt. I don’t mean ENTIRELY stop. I mean, let’s let up a bit. Let’s give people time to breathe before we push one more product or service.

How to get more customers on social media

In today’s world, people want connection. They want authenticity. They want to buy NOTHING unless it is going to somehow change their life or their business..truly change it.

Everyday, we log into Facebook, our email, Instagram, etc and we’re bombarded with sales pitches.


No. Just no. And, while I get what these marketers are doing, I also feel it’s time for a change and I’ll tell you why. Does any of this sound familiar?

We’re in a time that wants CHANGE. We want connection. We want to make sure our values and voices are heard before spending one more dime.

We’re in a time where debt is at an all-time high and potential high-paying lucrative careers are at an all-time low.

We ALL want to own our own business, we want to do it ALONE, and we want to do it perfectly. We want authentic, REAL, never-before-heard strategies.

We’re sick of being sold “AUTHENTIC MIND BLOWING BUSINESS TIPS” and opening the purchased course to realize it’s been copied and pasted from about 50 other “internet gurus.”

Sound familiar? I thought so. So, if you’re feeling this…aren’t your clients & customers? Don’t you think you’d have this in common with them?

How to get more customers on social media

So, when people ask me WHY I don’t want to push my services down their throats, here is what I want you to know: I don’t have to and neither do you. By being myself, sharing my struggles, and being open..without pushing a service down anyone’s throats..I wake up to 5-15 inquiries A DAY. I’m aligned with people who NEED me, who VALUE me, and who genuinely want my input.

Whether you’re a boutique, a designer, a lawyer..whatever you may do for a living, you do not have to sell yourself one more time. You do not have to sound salesy and pushy, you don’t have to feel sleezy trying to beg someone to buy your product. You do not have to google how to sell more online one more time.

And my friend, this is where Attraction Marketing comes in.

Simply put, Attraction Marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer without you having to sell a thing to them.

Sounds weird? Well, don’t be so skeptical because it works. Using Attraction Marketing, you’re able to really be yourself and sell the experience of working with you over selling your services. This is really a non-strategy sort of strategy.

“So, do I do this!?” I’m so glad you asked. First, you stop watching what everyone else is doing. Secondly, I want you to sit down and write out the main struggles you have or have had in the past that align with the struggles your customer is facing currently.

Maybe you own a store and you personally have struggled with finding the perfect denim that fits your curves. So, why are you not talking about that? Why are you NOT facilitating an open forum for women to discuss their personal struggles with sizing? Why are you NOT talking about your favorite ways to find the perfect denim for curvy women (or heck, wash and care for your favorite denim) aside from selling the actual denim? By jumping on a live or a story on Instagram and sharing your tips, your personal struggles, and your favorite denim…you’re going to sell that dang denim simply because people CONNECTED with you.

Okay, let’s say you’re a business coach. Instead of automatically sending everyone the same DM when they follow you, why not send something personal just to connect..nothing more, nothing less. Why not share the struggles you had in your own business and how you overcame them on your feed? Why not share more of the ugly, dirty side of business that allows others to KNOW you truly understand them and their struggles? People want to work with someone who understands them.

For me, I share tips and tricks and strategies for business because I HAVE BEEN ON THE OTHER SIDE. I’ve been the business owner DESPERATELY begging for more valuable information and strategies that actually helped me grow. I was fed up with being sold crap (for lack of better words) that never made a difference for me. And hence, this is why I show up authentically. Do I want to grow my business? UM, YES. Do I want people who actually need my help developing their branding, their website, and assisting them through their struggles? YES. I need people who need me…no more, no less.

I’ve had two businesses. I’ve felt the struggles my clients feel. So, by showing up on social media and being real about that, they already know two things:

1: I’ve been in their shoes and I’ve found the way out. I’m passionate about helping others do the same.

2: I’m real. I’m authentic. I’m honest. I CARE about them and their business whole heartedly. I’m not worrying about how to sell more online.

Heck, when people email me and I know they don’t need what they’re asking for, I TELL THEM THAT. My clients know that I whole heartedly understand how important their business and their investment is and they know I will 100% invest my personal energy into ensuring their experience with my team is above the rest and everything they could have ever imagined and then some.

I can guarantee you that sharing your struggles, your experience, your REAL tips + tricks for whatever industry you’re in will not only help you gain clients & customers but it’ll help those people value you, as a person, much more. Our world is saturated with sell, sell, sell…we need less selling and more connecting.

So do this:

  • Post more photos of YOU.
  • Understand your followers are real people. Speak to them as if they were.
  • Let people in. Share your struggles in your business. Share that you understand them.
  • Be REAL.
  • Stop feeling compelled to PUSH PUSH PUSH.
  • Instead, LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. Listen to their struggles..what are they facing in their business or personal life? How can you help (and by help, I mean actually help.)
  • Stop worrying about how to sell more online and start focusing on how to connect more.

I can promise you that doing this will not only change your business, it’ll change how you view every personal relationship. Without having to force anything on anyone, you’re able to work with people you value, who value you as well.

I would love to hear your insight in the comments below!

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