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3 Things That Matter with Your Shopify Website

August 18, 2020

Three things that matter with your shopify website

Am I an absolute Shopify nerd? Short answer – yes. But I love Shopify for so many reasons that I won’t dive into today (ha!)

Whether you’re working with a designer and/or developer or you’re designing your website yourself, there are quite a few crucial pieces you need to consider before launch.

1: Your product descriptions. You want to ensure these are perfectly written in a way that not only captures your potential customers’ attention but also describes the product perfectly so there are no questions left unanswered.

2: Mobile optimization. Your website is mostly viewed on cell phones so we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible to still browse even on mobile versions. After you’ve finished designing, go into your customizer and click the mobile icon at the top to see what all of your pages look like on mobile. Keep in mind, we actually work with small businesses to tweak their websites (not always a full website!) so if you’re finding some needs are left unfulfilled, shoot us an email!

3: Your policies. You want to ensure you have several pages before launching: your return policy, your contact page, a privacy policy, and terms and conditions. The first two will help build trust with potential customers and the second are legally required on all websites.

So, that’s just three – I could share about 40! I’d love to hear your questions in the comments below.

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