3 Services Creatives Can Offer In Shopify

April 28, 2021

So you want to provide services for Shopify, but you feel like web-design offers are a little redundant… Well, good news! There are other things you can present to potential clients that they are missing from their Shopify repertoire.

So here’s our take on what you can add to your service list:

  1. Offer SEO services 

Many Shopify businesses have their branding, products, and messaging perfected – but their SEO may be lacking. Why? Not everyone knows how to set up stellar SEO on their website! So if you’re an expert and know the tricks of the trade, why not advertise it?

Let business owners know how you can increase their product reach and get their overall brand ranked higher in search engines with your outstanding services!

  1. Become a Virtual Assistant

If a business is booming, chances are they are sweating behind the scenes. And no – we don’t mean that they have time for getting pumped at the gym. They’re probably so spread thin that they are in dire need of more assistance! So why not offer a virtual assistant service?

You could perform product uploads for them, offer customer service help, or even ensure all marketing materials are administered smoothly. Whatever they need assistance on… be their solution!

  1. Present Social Media Services

Sometimes if a biz owner is super focused on their Shopify store, they may neglect their social media. So why not become the online social guru that they can’t live without! Even we offer social media services, and our clients have amazing things to say about having assistance with that service. Not only do you alleviate them from the hassle of being a slave to Instagram, but you can also help them achieve higher returns on their marketing efforts by using your sales expertise!  

Got any other ideas? We’d love your input! Why? Because we don’t believe in pigeon-holing yourself into one category of service. You’re a creative, bad-ass babe, and you deserve to show that you have so much more to offer.



3 Services Creatives Can Offer In Shopify - Kait Studio

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