how to increase engagement on instagram

150 Questions You Can Ask to Grow Engagement on Social Media

December 31, 2018

Have you ever read a whitty caption on social media and thought “what the heck, I could never have come up with that.”?

Me too, friend. Me too.

I have days where content is flowing and I could talk about business & website tips for DAYS but when it comes to quick one liners, I fall flat unless I’ve had weeks to think about it or they randomly come to me while driving.

I chatted in my last post about how my main focus for 2019 would be getting potential clients & my followers into my DMs so that I could continue growing my engagement rate but primarily growing my connection with them on a more solid foundation.

how to increase engagement on instagram

I’ve found, this past year, that asking random questions on Instagram stories truly encourages my followers (and new followers that come from the hashtags I use) to respond and engage. And when they message me, it allows me to begin creating that one on one relationship and nurturing it a little further.

My main priority with social media isn’t always to grow my clientele. Mostly, I want to serve my audience with valuable tips & actionable steps they can implement into their business without feeling stressed or doubtful. If that makes me your business bestie, then cool. I’d love that.

You may be thinking: “then how in the world do you get clients?” Well, truthfully my clients have always come as a by-product of the messages I preach, my stories of encouragement in business. They follow along, they watch my stories and see my tips. They begin to view me as the expert in my field, which I value myself to be, and they’re able to see whether they’d work well with me long before ever actually sending an email my way.

Because the thing is: you need to share yourself in your business. I’ve preached this 1,000,004 times and I’ll continue to do it. My business has skyrocketed because my clients are able to see my viewpoints, see my personality, and see my work before even visiting my website. They know they can trust me because they’ve gotten to know me on Instagram. Sounds odd – but so true.

So, today, I’d love to share 150 (!!) quick questions you can ask to continue engaging with your followers. Now, these can be asked on Instagram stories, on Facebook, Twitter, or even as a starter to your caption. No matter what, the point is to get them to actually answer the question.

And, when they do, you need to respond in a meaningful conversation without any sales pitches. The point is not to sell to them, the point is to garner a meaningful relationship with them.

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