How To Perfect Your Customer Experience

The beauty of online businesses is that you have a vast array of tools that can help perfect your customer experience. You have data. You have feedback. You have polls and surveys that you can do to collect more information. But most of all… 

You have these four tips:


  1. You Can Experience Your Newsletter


Not sure if your newsletter is running smoothly? A little concerned that it’s not automating properly or performing well? Sign-up for your newsletter! This is a perfect way to check how your newsletter design looks, runs, and performs when sent out to customers. You can see how each email delivers or what the process is when they’re automatically sent out after subscribing or purchasing an item. This is an excellent method to see what the customer observes and then fine-tune everything as you go.


  1. Try Out the Purchase Process


If you don’t know what happens when a customer purchases an item, you are doing your business a disservice. We 100% recommend making a test purchase on your online store before letting that puppy run free in the park. You should be aware of what happens when you use discount codes, enter any credit card information, and so much more! It should feel natural, organic, and intuitive. If it doesn’t? Fix it, girl!


  1. Provide Chat Options


Having readily available chat options or email support is an absolute must when running a business! You should have either an automated system prepared or customer support at the ready – that way no question goes left unanswered. Why? Because one of the most prominent disturbances for customers is when you can’t receive the answer you require in a timely fashion. So don’t let that happen in your business. 

If you need a good system – try chatbots (link old post with chatbot commentary)!


  1. Visit Your Site From Different Browsers, Computers, and Devices


Sadly, no matter how fantastic your website looks – it has the chance to appear different depending on the computer a customer uses or the browser they visit your site on. Furthermore, the experience is guaranteed to be entirely different on mobile! So do some tests across devices and platforms to see if all your links work, the design looks good, and everything appears responsive and scalable. You never want to lose a customer just because your site isn’t compatible with where they are browsing… That would be a serious bummer.


And there you have it – the perfect recipe to reap all the benefits your online business has to offer! Sure, it may mean that a few extra steps are required to go through before you launch your site or plans. However, it’s better than running a biz that is only operating on 50% capacity!  


Remember – if you have any other questions, contact us. We would love to help you out! 


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